Why Joy Is Important In Christian Life?

Joy is an incredibly important aspect of the Holy Spirit, because it’s what allows people to go through their lives with all sorts of trials and tribulations.

We can actually witness this with Nehemiah, because he was given rulership and authority over Israel in order to reconstruct and rebuild the temple.

Now in this he actually had to give his workers weapons in one hand and tools in the other. Because other nations were rising up in order to kill Nehemiah and the people of Israel.

So in this, he realized that the joy of the Lord would be his strength, and that allowed him to accomplish the tasks that the Lord sent him to do.

If we look at his life, his life was plagued with all sorts of hostilities. People trying to put him on trial to drag him through the court system. Imprison him, kill him all sorts of things.

So Paul talks about the momentary aspect and how to derive joy from that. By focusing, or meditating on whatever is lovely commendable and excellent.

Now you might be asking yourself, how was someone who was broke, always running for their life and spending a good portion of their ministry in jail, able to do such a thing?

Well, he not only realized that God was doing good things in his life, but that God would take of the evil in his life, and use it for good. Now Paul did not only focus on the momentary, he also focused on the future life and eternal things that he could rectify in his life by going through it.

Now ultimately this is what allowed him to go into prisons, or be chained somewhere. To sing songs of praise and worship God.

Now, the apostles also realized that there were other ways to derive joy from being mistreated, and they actually saw being mistreated as a way to strengthen their faith or make it more firmly rooted in Christ.

They not only saw this, but they saw it as a way that God would count them worthy, or showing that he had counted them worthy – In order to suffer because Christ was greater than them. And they were not greater than their master, so if he suffered, they would suffer.

So in summation, a Christian always has a reason to be joyful, whether it’s plenty good or evil. A Christian can always find contentment in the Lord, and in their eternal life.

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