Want To Have Happiness In Life?

The scriptures doesn’t teach us that you need to search and pursue happiness. You find happiness as you do your duty. You find happiness by leading a disciplined life before God.

You will have periods of happiness throughout life. But, God promises that happiness is never to be a goal in life. It’s not a goal. Our goal is to obey God. Our goal is to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. And as we move along we will pick up happiness here and there along the way.

If you sense a longing for God and desire to change and be a good person, that’s God speaking to your heart.

And as you respond he will give you the ability and the power to change. You decide when you’re going to change, that’s your choice..

But, remember the next time you have an opportunity to come to Christ, your heart may not be as ready as it is today. Did you feel that cosmic void in your heart? That void in your heart is there, because your made in the image of God, and without God there’s a void that only God can fill.

Marriage, drugs, sex, alcohol, friendships even religion can’t fill that deep void in your heart. But the presence of Jesus Christ can give you a brand new life.

Christ died on the cross, rose again and is alive today. Ready to come into your heart and into your life.

God bless you,

Spread Joy!

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