Positive Focus Changes Brain Chemistry

There are many powerful effects for focusing on positive things that you want to have happen. In many situations it’s helpful to be really clear, this is not magic.

This is brain science to the different parts of our brain, all are supported by the same influx of nutrients that come into our blood and different sources. So, as they’re coming in, our brain may divert more toward one part of our brain or the other.

So for example, if someone gets more active, because of getting angry or afraid of something, more and more of the blood supply goes to that part of the brain, and it gets larger. In fact, on the scans, you can see it light up more. And what happens is less blood goes to the brain, which means we’re less able to think clearly, and we’re less able to be creative.

Now, the good news is that works the other way around, as well…

And what happens is gradually over time if the situation is safe enough, you can shift that brain chemistry so the blood starts to flow more towards your thinker and your artist side. In return making you more powerful and more creative, to achieving that flow state where you’re really at the top of your game.

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