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Anonymous says:

Very Pleasant Addition To My Jazz Library I purchased Christian Sands’ last CD entitled ‘Reach’ and enjoyed that one. So I got this one too. I just put on the headphones and let the music carry me away. Really enjoyed it. My favorite cut might be the first one, ‘Rebel Music’. #7 ‘Her Song” is pretty awesome too. Of course Amazon packaged it in one of those flimsy yellow envelopes and the cardboard case was badly damaged although the disc was ok.

Anonymous says:

Great Album, poor pressing. Absolutely loved the album, would rate it 5 stars based on the music alone. However, every copy I received included a at least one warped album. Went through the allotted returns, but was unable to find a flat pressing. Really wish there was better quality control on this one, as I’d love to own this on vinyl.

Anonymous says:

Young Lion doing his thing. The new era of Jazz.

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