If a Christian commits suicide, do they still go to heaven?

I think the question should be if a person who has been forgiven of their sins, who has been received by God, through the mercy and the merits of Jesus. Can that person do something to be Unforgiven? Can they somehow lose their standing before God? That’s the real question, can we lose our salvation?

The answer to that is no.

Can a Christian, one who’s been born again at the mercy of God, commit suicide and go to heaven? The answer is yes. Because our standing before God is not based on how well we perform. It isn’t based upon our own obedience, but the obedience of Jesus Christ.

Now, I know some people would suggest that a person who really is born again, who has experienced God’s grace, who really has faith – that person wouldn’t commit suicide.

Well, a true Christian would never commit murder, or would never commit suicide, because that’s essentially what suicide is.. Right?

But, I don’t think you can give a fair reading of Scripture, without seeing men who had no God. Who have been the recipients of his converting grace, or who have done things that we would say,

“well Christians aren’t supposed to do that”…

So, the Christian who unfortunately died tragically, in the midst of confusion and despair or lost their way. They may commit suicide, they know Christ – they’ve been justified. They’re received by their father.

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