Getting Real With God – Spring Time Happiness

Hey World, so I was doing some spiritual reading yesterday and came across this gem from St. John Vianney, the parish priest, and he said this, I think it’s especially appropriate for this time.

Instead in the heart which loves God. It is always springtime. In the heart which loves God, it is always springtime.

What is spring? Spring is a season of growth spring it’s the season of new beginnings. It’s all around us. flowers are beginning to bloom The grass is greener. Nothing can stop it! Yeah, there’s storms heavier than normal storms right now. But even those storms feed the growth that you see. After all, grass needs rain to grow.

So here’s the easy segue, are you allowing this storm to hinder your spiritual growth for you? Or are you allowing it to feed it? Essentially, are you using this time to grow in your faith? If not, now’s the time to start.

So here’s my action item for today, or maybe everyday, or for just the rest of the week. I want you to get real with God in your prayer. Yes, he knows what you’re feeling. Tell him anyway. Get it all out – he can handle it.

Then when you’re done, simply ask him to take this storm and use it to create that springtime love. Let that be your prayer for today…

Spread Joy!

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