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A Life Of Freedom

Some false teachers promised that freedom was found in strict religious requirements. But, Paul argued that freedom comes by God’s grace alone.

A Key To Unlock Happiness

So, apparently being rich does not make people happy. As I was listening to one of the morning talk shows today.

Want To Have Happiness In Life?

The scriptures doesn’t teach us that you need to search and pursue happiness. You find happiness as you do your duty. You find happiness by leading a disciplined life before God.

Does God Want You To Be Happy?

The Lord wants us to live in joy and joy comes with in that deep sense that we are connected with God, that no matter what the circumstance, it can feel just like happiness, but it doesn’t come and go.

God’s Formula For Happiness

In this blog post I’m going to look at Psalms. I’m going to dig into two different Psalm verses, where God’s Word tells us to see how you can have happiness and joy in your life.

What Is True Happiness?

Obedience, following Christ, serving Him, glorifying God, enjoying the riches of who God is, sharing the gospel with other people. That’s what brings happiness to our lives.

Has God Left Us?

We have to come to terms with the idea that we are not God, And that we really do need him in our lives